Why Use Dustless Sandblasting to Remove Old Powder Coatings?

Powder coatings don't last forever. As a coating ages, it might start to crack or flake away. The surface under the coat loses some protection. It also starts to look shabby.

You can't simply recoat or paint over failing powder coatings. If you want a strong protective layer that looks good, then you should remove the old coating first.

While you can use chemical removers or regular sandblasting to do this job, you should consider dustless sandblasting first. This process has some useful benefits. What are they?

Get a Faster and Cleaner Blast

Chemicals can remove powder coatings, but they won't necessarily work quickly. You have to apply the removal product, wait for it to work and then clean it off.

If it doesn't take off all the coating, you might have to repeat the process until you're happy with the results. This can be a time-consuming job if you're working on a machine, piece of equipment or part that has a lot of corners, edges and connectors.

Plus, powder coating removal processes can leave you with a lot of mess to clean up. Regular sandblasting, for example, can leave a lot of debris behind.

This kind of sandblasting also creates a sticky residue from the coating that you'll have to dispose of. The powder clumps up and sticks together during the blasting process as it heats up.

If you use dustless blasting, then you have an easier job. The process works quickly. It can cover even small spaces that are hard to reach by hand.

The water in this mix also keeps the blasted area cool. So, the powder coating will flake away in dry pieces. It won't heat up and coagulate into sticky lumps. Your clean-up at the end of the job is easier and faster.

Get a Safer Blasting Solution

You'll have to take extra safety measures if you use some powder coating removal solutions. For example, you have to be careful when you use chemical products. You'll need to wear protective clothing and make sure that the area is ventilated. Plus, you might have to use different chemicals on different materials to avoid damage.

Even regular sandblasting has safety concerns. The process creates a lot of dust which isn't good for people or the environment.

Dustless sandblasting is less of a problem. This process doesn't create much dust at all; the water it uses contains dust so it can't disperse as much.

Blast media are also less harmful. Plus, this process can work on multiple types of material simultaneously without causing damage to the surface under the powder coat.

To learn more about dustless blasting and whether you should use it for your powder coating restoration, contact sandblasting contractors.

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