Why Install Flexible Air Conditioning Ducts?

Air conditioning ducts are either rigid or flexible. While rigid ducts have their advantages, there are times when a flexible solution makes more sense. What are the benefits of flexible ducting?

Get a Better Solution For Difficult Spaces

Rigid air conditioning ducts need a specific layout. These ducts are usually made from solid sheets of metal. Their rigidity means that they don't deal well with runs that are too curved or twisty. They don't handle short stretches, tight angled spaces or corners all that well.

A tight fit is essential here, so there may be times when a flexible duct is a better option. Flexible ducts are made from wire coils and plastics that can bend. You can mould the duct to fit in just about any space; it can go places that a rigid duct can't.

Get a Mix and Match Solution

Flexible air conditioning ducts allow you to create the perfect layout; they work well with other ducting systems. So, if you prefer a rigid system generally, but can't make it work, you can use pieces of flexible ducting to cover gaps and difficult areas.

For example, say you have planned out a rigid ducting system but you have an area to cover that goes around a tight corner. Or, you have a gap at the end of the system that a rigid piece won't cover. You might be able to have a customised piece made, but this increases your costs and takes up too much space.

Here, you simply add a piece of flexible ducting and attach it to the rigid system. The flexible piece will bridge the gap or solve a tricky space problem. It integrates with the rigid parts of your system quickly and seamlessly. You get to have a primarily rigid system if that is what you prefer.

Get Cheaper Installation Costs

Rigid air conditioning ducts are typically more expensive to buy than flexible alternatives. You pay more for the inflexible metal sheets and their construction. You'll see some cost savings if you opt for flexible ducting, even if you only use a couple of pieces in a system build. These ducts are cheaper to produce. They also tend to come with ready-fitted insulation, so your insulation costs could decrease.

Flexible ducts are also easy and quick to install. An experienced air conditioning installation expert can get these systems in and running faster than a rigid system. The faster your system goes in, the lower your labour costs.

To learn more about flexible air conditioning ducts and to find out if they are the best option for your new system, contact air conditioning manufacturers.

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