The Negative Impacts Graffiti Has on the Environment

The people who engage in graffiti tagging mostly do it because they believe they have a message that they want to pass across. While their creativity, symbolism and execution is often on point, rarely do they think about the medium that they use to create the art or the canvas. This carelessness leads to massively negative impacts on the environment as well as other social consequences. Sadly, there are also people who sympathise with graffiti taggers and feel that they have a message to share. Perhaps understanding the full impact of what graffiti does to the environment is an important first step in deciding how to handle its removal.

The Effects of the Medium

Most of the people who do graffiti tagging use aerosol paint sprays. These are harmful to the environment because they contain CFC and other volatile organic compounds. There is a section of taggers who claim they use CFC-free paint sprays when they go on their tagging sprees; however, these paints also have volatile compounds which damage the ozone layer and even cause health problems such as asthma. Some of the spray cans contain methanol. Although methanol seems quite harmless to the environment, it is harmful to humans. So, generally, when you have graffiti on the walls of your business premises, you have an environmental and human health hazard.

The Effects on the Canvas

The canvas of the graffiti artist can be the walls, billboards, walkways and any other surfaces that they create the art on. To start with, the moment a building is tagged, its commercial value suffers a hit. The connotative meaning that graffiti carries can have a devastating effect on future appraisals. This is why building managers find it easier to incur the cost of removing the graffiti.

The Social Cost

Graffiti has a particular social meaning. It is often associated with a lack of discipline and even crime. If you are a company that likes to maintain a certain image, it will not look good on your walls. The problem with social norms and connotations is that no matter how open-minded you are, you cannot decide where your potential client stands on these issues. Professional graffiti removal helps you avoid losing potentially great clients.

These are some of the reasons why you should consult a professional to help you deal with graffiti as soon as it appears on your walls. Just make sure the person you involve in the removal process is reliable and experienced for a fast and efficient job. 

To learn more, contact a graffiti removal company.

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