Top 3 Advantages of Industrial Powder Coating

Powder coating is increasingly preferred for a variety of industrial applications that traditionally required wet paint finishes. It serves the same function as liquid paint, but it is applied in powder form. So, what makes powder coating a perfect alternative to regular wet paint finishing?

Check out some of the top advantages of industrial powder coating below.

Powder Coating Provides Extended Durability

One of the biggest advantages of powder coating over wet paint is its superior durability. In certain environments, regular paint finishes are susceptible to scratches, chipping, peeling or other forms of wear. 

Because it uses a thick resin as its base and is cured in an oven at high temperatures, powder coating is more resilient and resistant to the elements than wet paint finishes.

Powder Coating Cures Faster

For wet paint finishes to be effective at their job of protecting the substrate material from damage, they have to be applied in multiple coats. Applying multiple coats of paint is required to achieve a minimum level of thickness for specified products. A major problem with a wet paint finishing job is that the painter has to wait for each layer of paint to cure before they can apply the next coat of paint. As a result, it may take several hours or even days before the painted surface is ready for use.

Powder coating significantly reduces the amount of time used to finish a product, as only a single layer of paint is applied onto the workpiece. Once the prepped item is put in an oven, it generally takes an hour or less to cure.

Powder Coating Is a Safe Choice for People and the Environment

One of the major drawbacks of regular paint is that it contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be released into the air when the paint is being sprayed onto a surface. VOCs can be harmful to human health and the environment. 

Because they are VOC-free, powder coatings are a good choice for human and environmental health. Plus, the application of powder coatings takes place in an oven, so there is no risk of overspray that will need to be cleaned and disposed of safely.

As you can see, powder coatings are a major upgrade for industries that still use traditional wet paint for finishing their products. If you need powder coating services, get in touch with a powder coating specialist near you.

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