How Using a Liquid Filler and Capper Machine Can Benefit Your Company

Automation in the packaging industry can bring you many benefits. One device that you should consider using is the automatic liquid filler and capper machine. The tool helps in moving the product from the holding tank to the specific containers. They achieve that without human interference. Using such a device in your company will improve the packaging process. The article highlights some reasons why your packaging firm needs a liquid filler and capper machine. 

Consistent and Reliable

One benefit of using the liquid filler and capper machine is a consistent sealing of the bottles. It removes the uncertainty from the filling process. Using human effort when sealing the products leads to inconsistency. Also, people will get tired after spending a long time sealing the products. That, consequently, leads to inconsistent capping. The capping machines are set to seal every container in the same way. Though there may be an operator for the device, the device handles the actual tightening.

Speed of the Devices

It gets to a point where the demand for your product is high. Thus, it will not make sense to hire human labour in filling every bottle. Hand capping needs an operator to put a cap in each container. That will take up a lot of time. The ability of the liquid filler and capper machine to increase the filling speed is why you should use it. The device can achieve high capping speeds in each cycle. Thus, you get a faster and constant production.

Simplicity in Operation

The best capping machines make things easy for the operator. Using a semi-automatic device requires an operator to put the cap on the container. They will then slide the combination into place for the machine to seal it. A full automatic capper machine needs an initial setup and changing of the bottles. When it is running, it requires little human effort. The operator will only need to check if the machine has enough closures. So, the operation of the liquid filler and capper is easy. They allow almost anyone to operate it.

Ability to Upgrade

Finally, with the capping machines, the future is kept in mind. They will exist with the current packaging line in your business. But, you can set them to suit your business as it continues to grow. For instance, you can start by filling four bottles per cycle. However, as the demand increases, you can add more fill heads to the liquid filler. The limit of the machine depends on the one you bought. Most of them have a maximum of 16 fill heads.

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