Why Do You Need to Fly the Flag for Your Organisation?

Most business owners understand how important it is to market their organisation correctly and to pay close attention to their brand imaging. If they have their own premises, then they may have some appropriate signage to draw attention to the place, complete with logo, colour scheme and message. However, while this is in itself quite powerful, they may be missing the opportunity to create a larger impression by designing and installing something a lot more spectacular. What should they consider?

Making Your Statement

Any organisation that has been around for some time and has carefully crafted its own reputation deserves to capitalise on its position. If the business has its own premises and enough space, therefore, it's a good idea to think about installing a flagpole and raising up the company colours on a flag. This is bound to create a good impression in its own right and underline just how far the organisation has come over the years.

Careful Planning

If you want to consider this type of option, planning is essential. Ideally, you will want to place a flagpole in the most prominent position so that it is seen by everyone around.

Do some research first, however, to make sure that you can make the appropriate excavation without disturbing any underground cables or utilities. You also need to bear in mind the height of the flagpole and ensure that it does not come close to any overhead wires once it is fully erected. Make sure that the flag can be seen and that you do not have too many mature trees or other obstructions that might get in the way.

Installation and Maintenance

During installation, you will need to ensure that the base is set in concrete and that you have the right amount of footing for the size of the pole. You need to be very careful when setting the flagpole into the base as well. This is typically a job for several people due to the size and nature of the operation. You also need to get used to the process of hoisting the flag using the halyard and other attachments, and this may take some practice in the beginning.

Of course, you will need to pay close attention to the design and manufacture of the flag itself. From time to time, you will also need to maintain the pole, halyard and the flag to make sure that it remains in first-class condition and helps you to promote your brand properly.

Further Help

If you have any questions about ordering, purchasing, installing or maintaining your new flagpole, talk with your contractor for their advice.

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