Four Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Weighbridge for Industrial Use

Weighbridges are essential pieces of equipment for manufacturers and logistic firms. They weigh vehicles and help you determine whether they are overloaded as per the state's laws and regulations. Overloading can lead to fines and suspension of your vehicle registration. Thus, if you transport heavy items, such as electrical equipment, earthmoving machinery, construction materials, household goods and other bulky items, you may need to buy a weighbridge for your business. As you consider doing so, here are four essential questions to help you find the right one for your applications.

What Is the Size of Your Trucks and Trailers?

Before buying a weighbridge, think about the size of the vehicles that will be weighed on the equipment. The weighbridge you get for a logistics truck would be different from one for heavy haulage trailers. If you weigh different types of vehicles, you can get a weighbridge that can accommodate the variety. Similarly, if you weigh many vehicles in a day, you should get a weighbridge that can handle heavy traffic. It's also possible to get custom-designed equipment that will meet your specific weighing needs.

Where Will You Install the Weighbridge?

The installation site is a crucial consideration when buying a weighbridge. Would you like to install it above or below the ground? If you have enough space above the ground, you can go for above-ground weighbridges. These are easy to install; however, you need adequate space for the ramps. If you don't have enough space, consider getting an in-ground weighbridge. The scales are installed underground, and this calls for a lot of excavation work. However, they are ideal for high-traffic sites.

What Are Your Performance Expectations?

Do you have any specific performance expectations? Would you opt for a standard weighbridge or do you want a custom-designed one? How long would you like the equipment to last? For customisation, steel platform weighbridges are your best bet. However, if you're looking for longevity, low cost and excellent performance, concrete is the best option. With both materials, you can have above-ground and in-ground configurations.

Would You Like a Portable or Permanent Weighbridge?

There are mobile and permanent weighbridges. Portable ones are suitable if you don't own the property or have multiple weighing sites. They are ideal for construction, logistics and logging companies. Permanent weighbridges are permanently installed using concrete foundations. Assess your applications to determine which choice is the most suitable for your business. 

You don't need to wait for highway weighbridges to determine your fate when transporting bulky goods. Invest in a weighbridge for your firm so you can keep your vehicles within the stipulated weight limits and avoid penalties. Talk to an expert if you're having a hard time choosing the best weighing scales for industrial application. To learn more about weighbridges, speak with a professional. 

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