3 Useful Waste Oil Recycling Services for Mechanic Workshops

Dealing with auto waste from your job as a mechanic isn't easy. You'll collect a lot of materials that you can't simply put in the garbage or down the drain.

Waste oil recycling companies can help you get rid of these materials safely. They offer a range of disposal services for mechanic workshops and garages. What kind of help can you get?

1. Motor Oil Recycling

You probably collect a lot of used motor oil in your workshop when you do oil changing jobs on your customers' cars. As well as being tricky to dispose of safely, this oil is recyclable. It's a good thing to do for the environment.

While local council facilities accept small amounts of this oil, they won't usually recycle it in bulk. It makes more sense to use a waste oil recycling company. If you need it, they'll provide collection cans or bins. You simply put your used oil in the containers.

The company then picks the oil up and takes it away for recycling. You get it out of your shop, safe in the knowledge that the oil will be cleaned up so it can be used again.

2. Brake Fluid Recycling

While you may already know that you can recycle motor oil, you may not realise that this is also an option that helps you get rid of old brake fluid. This fluid is also hazardous and hard to dispose of safely.

A waste oil collection service can also set you up with brake fluid containers. They meet all necessary disposal and recycling standards so you don't have to worry about what happens to the fluid in hazardous waste terms. The fluid can be treated and used to create alternative fuel sources.

3. Oily Rag Recycling

You'll get through a lot of rags in your workshop. A lot of them will end up covered in oil. It's hard to find a safe way to dispose of these materials — the oil they contain makes them flammable and potentially dangerous.

Some waste oil disposal companies also offer oily rag services. They give you a bin to store used rags in and will take them away during your scheduled oil pick-up times.

While you may not think that these rags have any value, they do. Companies can extract the oil from them and recycle it so it can be reused.

To find out more about how a waste oil recycling service might work for your shop, contact local collection companies.

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